Product manufactured by Avera Mckennan Hospital

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NDA016092 2011-12-20 Oral RX Google , Wikipedia , PubMed , DailyMed , Raw OpenFDA , ECHA , ToxNet , JECFA , FAO , 21 CFR

Indications and Purposes

Indications And Usage Edecrin Is Indicated For Treatment Of Edema When An Agent With Greater Diuretic Potential Than Those Commonly Employed Is Required. 1.treatment Of The Edema Associated With Congestive Heart Failure, Cirrhosis Of The Liver, And Renal Disease, Including The Nephrotic Syndrome. 2.short-Term Management Of Ascites Due To Malignancy, Idiopathic Edema, And Lymphedema. 3.short-Term Management Of Hospitalized Pediatric Patients, Other Than Infants, With Congenital Heart Disease Or The Nephrotic Syndrome. 4.intravenous Sodium Edecrin Is Indicated When A Rapid Onset Of Diuresis Is Desired, E.g., In Acute Pulmonary Edema, Or When Gastrointestinal Absorption Is Impaired Or Oral Medication Is Not Practicable.

All Formulated Excipients (3 Total)

Name Structure Kind Function Status
1. Silicon Dioxide SILICON DIOXIDE Unresolved AC-Anticaking agent , MISC-Miscellaneous , STAB-Stabilizer GRAS-Generally recognized as safe.
2. Lactose, Unspecified Form LACTOSE, UNSPECIFIED FORM Molecular
3. Magnesium Stearate MAGNESIUM STEARATE Molecular AF-Antifoaming (or defoaming) agent , MISC-Miscellaneous REG-Food additives for which a petition has been filed and a regulation issued.

Active Ingredients ( 1 Total)

Name Structure ZINC ID(s)
1. Ethacrynic Acid