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Indications and Purposes

Indications And Usage Because Of The Potential For Serious Adverse Effects, Minoxidil Tablets Are Indicated Only In The Treatment Of Hypertension That Is Symptomatic Or Associated With Target Organ Damage And Is Not Manageable With Maximum Therapeutic Doses Of Diuretic Plus Two Other Antihypertensive Drugs. At The Present Time Use In Milder Degrees Of Hypertension Is Not Recommended Because The Benefit-Risk Relationship In Such Patients Has Not Been Defined. Minoxidil Reduced Supine Diastolic Blood Pressure By 20 Mmhg Or To 90 Mmhg Or Less In Approximately 75% Of Patients, Most Of Whom Had Hypertension That Could Not Be Controlled By Other Drugs.

All Formulated Excipients (2 Total)

Name Structure Kind Function Status
1. Starch, Corn STARCH, CORN Unresolved
2. Anhydrous Lactose ANHYDROUS LACTOSE Molecular

Active Ingredients ( 1 Total)

Name Structure ZINC ID(s)
1. Minoxidil MINOXIDIL ZINC1735