Application Nr Approved Date Route Status External Links
NDA019631 1990-01-19 Intravenous RX Google , Wikipedia , PubMed , DailyMed , Raw OpenFDA , ECHA , ToxNet , JECFA , FAO , 21 CFR

Indications and Purposes

Indications And Usage This Intravenous Solution Is Indicated For Use In Adults And Pediatric Patients As A Source Of Electrolytes, Calories And Water For Hydration.

All Formulated Excipients (1 Total)

Name Structure Kind Function Status
1. Diethylhexyl Phthalate DIETHYLHEXYL PHTHALATE Molecular

Active Ingredients ( 2 Total)

Name Structure ZINC ID(s)
1. Dextrose DEXTROSE ZINC3833800
2. Sodium Chloride