Indications and Purposes

Indications And Usage Dorzolamide Hydrochloride – Timolol Maleate Is Indicated For The Reduction Of Elevated Intraocular Pressure In Patients With Open-Angle Glaucoma Or Ocular Hypertension Who Are Insufficiently Responsive To Beta-Blockers (failed To Achieve Target Iop Determined After Multiple Measurements Over Time). The Iop-Lowering Of Dorzolamide Hydrochloride – Timolol Maleate B.i.d. Was Slightly Less Than That Seen With The Concomitant Administration Of 0.5% Timolol B.i.d. And 2.0% Dorzolamide T.i.d. (see Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Studies).

All Formulated Excipients (3 Total)

Name Structure Kind Function Status
1. Hydroxyethyl Cellulose HYDROXYETHYL CELLULOSE Unresolved
2. Sodium Hydroxide SODIUM HYDROXIDE Unresolved BC-Boiler compound , B&N-Buffer & neutralizing agent , MISC-Miscellaneous REG-Food additives for which a petition has been filed and a regulation issued.
3. Mannitol MANNITOL Molecular NUTR-Nutrient GRAS-Generally recognized as safe.

Active Ingredients ( 2 Total)