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Indications and Purposes

Rx Only For Use With The Amicus Separator Only. Indications And Usage: Intersol Solution Is An Isotonic Solution Designed To Replace A Proportion Of The Plasma Used In The Storage Of Amicus™-Derived Leukoreduced Apheresis Platelets Under Standard Blood Banking Conditions. There Is No Direct Therapeutic Effect To Be Expected From The Formulation. The Solution Should Never Be Infused Directly Into A Patient. Intersol Platelets Are Leukocyte-Reduced Apheresis Platelet Concentrates That Are Stored In A Mix Of 65% Intersol And 35% Plasma, Nominal. Intersol Platelets Prepared Within The Range Of Table 1 May Be Stored For Up To 5 Days At 20-24°c, With Continuous Agitation. Table1

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