Excipients Browser

The Excipients Browser was created with support from a CERSI grant from the FDA. Any errors of omission or commission in the database are the responsibility of the Irwin and Shoichet labs. Please report any error or provide feedback about the database. You must use the database at your own risk. The goal of the project is to curate and disseminate information about excipients, the assumed-inactive substances found in food and drugs. This includes: colors, flavors, stabilizers, bulking and delivery agents, fillers, packaging, and other purposes. The excipients browser and the database behind it are free for everyone to use, but you may not copy or redistribute major portions of the database or its user interface without the express written permission of John Irwin, chemistry4biology at gmail.com.


Explore small molecule excipients.


Explore excipients that are administered orally.


Explore non-molecular or ambiguous excipients.

Rarely Used

Explore excipients that are rarely used.

The aim of this project is to encourage innovation in drug delivery and formulation by providing easily accessible and searchable information about these important yet often overlooked substances.

The excipients browser is an active project undergoing rapid change. We welcome your feedback, whether it is a question you may have, or perhaps an error you would like to report. Many pages have a comment section at the bottom, where you can tell us what you think! We also welcome feedback by email to chemistry4biology@gmail.com or on twitter at @chem4biology.