Acetic Acid

Active Ingredient

All Co-Formulated Excipients (3 Total)

Excipients Name Structure Function Status
1. Boric Acid BORIC ACID
2. Acetic Acid ACETIC ACID B&N-Buffer & neutralizing agent , FEED-Feed additives FS-Substances permitted as optional ingredient in a standardized food.
3. Calcium Carbonate CALCIUM CARBONATE DS-Dietary supplement , DYE-Dye , EMUL-Emulsifier , MISC-Miscellaneous , NUTR-Nutrient GRAS-Generally recognized as safe.

Available Products (18 Total)

Product name Manufacturer Route Approved Date
1. Acetic Acid Dispensing Solutions, Inc. Auricular (otic)
2. Acetasol Hc Actavis Mid Atlantic Llc Auricular (otic)
3. Vosol Hc Ecr Pharmaceuticals Co., Inc. Auricular (otic)
4. Acetic Acid Hospira, Inc. Irrigation
5. Acetic Acid Rebel Distributors Corp Auricular (otic)
6. Vosol Ecr Pharmaceuticals Co., Inc. Auricular (otic)
7. Borofair Major Pharmaceuticals Auricular (otic)
8. Acetic Acid Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co., Inc. Auricular (otic)
9. Acetic Acid Lake Erie Medical Dba Quality Care Products Llc Auricular (otic)
10. Acetic Acid A-S Medication Solutions Auricular (otic)
11. Acetic Acid B. Braun Medical Inc. Irrigation
12. Acetic Acid Baxter Healthcare Corporation Irrigation
13. Hydrocortisone And Acetic Acid Actavis Pharma, Inc. Auricular (otic)
14. Hydrocortisone And Acetic Acid Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co., Inc. Auricular (otic)
15. Hydrocortisone And Acetic Acid Taro Pharmaceuticals U.s.a., Inc. Auricular (otic)
16. Acetic Acid Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Auricular (otic)
17. Acetic Acid Unit Dose Services Auricular (otic)
18. Acetic Acid Bausch & Lomb Incorporated Auricular (otic)