# Product Name Manufacturer Route
1 Doxycycline Bryant Ranch Prepack Oral
2 Topcare Omeprazole And Sodium Bicarbonate Topco Associates Llc Oral
3 Lidocaine Ipg Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Topical
4 Bisoprolol Fumarate And Hydrochlorothiazide Bryant Ranch Prepack Oral
5 Carvedilol Bryant Ranch Prepack Oral
6 Ciprofloxacin Puracap Laboratories Llc Dba Blu Pharmaceuticals Oral
7 Fenofibrate Bryant Ranch Prepack Oral
8 Naproxen Sodium Remedyrepack Inc. Oral
9 Promethazine Hydrochloride Bryant Ranch Prepack Oral
10 Amoxicillin And Clavulanate Potassium Preferred Pharmaceuticals Inc. Oral
11 Childrens Loratadine Sugar Free Topco Associates Llc Oral
12 Promethazine Dm Unit Dose Services Oral
13 Diclofenac Sodium Proficient Rx Lp Oral
14 Abacavir And Lamivudine Cipla Usa Inc. Oral
15 Guanfacine Hydrochloride Avpak Oral
16 Levofloxacin Redpharm Drug, Inc. Oral
17 Loratadine And Pseudoephedrine Sulfate Health Mart Oral
18 Theophylline Anhydrous Bryant Ranch Prepack Oral
19 Candesartan Cilexetil Avera Mckennan Hospital Oral
20 Fexofenadine Hydrochloride Bryant Ranch Prepack Oral
21 Crestor Avera Mckennan Hospital Oral
22 Sotalol Hydrochloride Physicians Total Care, Inc. Oral
23 Amoxicillin Aidarex Pharmaceuticals Llc Oral
24 Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride Redpharm Drug, Inc. Oral
25 Metaxalone Lannett Company, Inc. Oral
26 Naproxen Remedyrepack Inc. Oral
27 Equate Ranitidine Wal-Mart Stores Inc Oral
28 Topiramate Remedyrepack Inc. Oral
29 Trihexyphenidyl Hydrochloride Remedyrepack Inc. Oral
30 Diclofenac Sodium Lake Erie Medical Dba Quality Care Products Llc Topical
31 Neomycin And Polymyxin B Sulfates, Bacitracin Zinc Citron Pharma Llc Ophthalmic
32 Abacavir And Lamivudine Aurobindo Pharma Limited Oral
33 Penicillin V Potassium Redpharm Drug, Inc. Oral
34 Prednisone Redpharm Drug, Inc. Oral
35 Ranitidine Nucarepharmaceuticals, Inc. Oral
36 Gabapentin Pd-Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Oral