Active Ingredient

227.0 -1.0 0 9 157.0 8 1.0
Present in ZINC catalogs

All Co-Formulated Excipients (17 Total)

Excipients Name Structure Function Status
1. Alcohol ALCOHOL
2. Butane BUTANE
3. Calcium Phosphate, Dibasic, Anhydrous CALCIUM PHOSPHATE, DIBASIC, ANHYDROUS
4. Caprylic/capric/succinic Triglyceride CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC/SUCCINIC TRIGLYCERIDE
5. Croscarmellose Sodium CROSCARMELLOSE SODIUM
6. Fatty Acid Esters FATTY ACID ESTERS
7. Isomalt ISOMALT
8. Lactic Acid, Unspecified Form LACTIC ACID, UNSPECIFIED FORM
9. Lactose Monohydrate LACTOSE MONOHYDRATE
10. Medium-Chain Triglycerides MEDIUM-CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES
11. Paraffin PARAFFIN
12. Peppermint Oil PEPPERMINT OIL
13. Sorbitan Sesquioleate SORBITAN SESQUIOLEATE
14. Lanolin LANOLIN MISC-Miscellaneous REG-Food additives for which a petition has been filed and a regulation issued.
15. Propylene Glycol PROPYLENE GLYCOL MISC-Miscellaneous FS-Substances permitted as optional ingredient in a standardized food.
16. Silicon Dioxide SILICON DIOXIDE AC-Anticaking agent , MISC-Miscellaneous , STAB-Stabilizer GRAS-Generally recognized as safe.
17. Sodium Lactate SODIUM LACTATE MISC-Miscellaneous GRAS-Generally recognized as safe.

Available Products (46 Total)

Product name Manufacturer Route Approved Date
1. Nitroglycerin Kremers Urban Pharmaceuticals Inc. Transdermal
2. Nitroglycerin Transdermal System Harvard Drug Group, Llc Transdermal
3. Nitroglycerin Transdermal System Hercon Laboratories Corporation Transdermal
4. Nitrostat Sina Health Inc Sublingual
5. Nitrostat Physicians Total Care, Inc. Oral
6. Nitrostat Rebel Distributors Corp Sublingual
7. Nitrostat Aidarex Pharmaceuticals Llc Sublingual
8. Nitroglycerin Physicians Total Care, Inc. Sublingual
9. Nitroglycerin Ingenus Pharmaceuticals Nj, Llc Sublingual
10. Nitroglycerin Cardinal Health Intravenous
11. Rectiv Prostrakan, Inc. Rectal
12. Nitroglycerin Transdermal Delivery System Physicians Total Care, Inc. Transdermal
13. Nitroglycerin Preferred Pharmaceuticals Inc. Sublingual
14. Nitroglycerin Nucare Pharmaceuticals,inc. Sublingual
15. Nitroglycerin Remedyrepack Inc. Sublingual
16. Nitroglycerin Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Inc., Usa Sublingual
17. Nitrostat Proficient Rx Lp Sublingual
18. Minitran Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America Llc Transdermal
19. Rectiv Aptalis Pharma Us, Inc. Rectal
20. Nitro-Dur Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. Transdermal
21. Nitroglycerin Transdermal Delivery System Alvogen, Inc. Transdermal
22. Nitromist Mist Pharmaceuticals, Llc Sublingual
23. Nitroglycerin Rouses Point Pharm Sublingual
24. Nitrostat A-S Medication Solutions Sublingual
25. Nitroglycerin Greenstone Llc Sublingual
26. Minitran Graceway Pharmaceuticals, Llc Transdermal
27. Nitrostat Cardinal Health Sublingual
28. Nitroglycerin Golden State Medical Supply, Inc. Sublingual
29. Nitrostat Remedyrepack Inc. Sublingual
30. Nitrostat Parke-Davis Div Of Pfizer Inc Sublingual
31. Nitroglycerin Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. Transdermal
32. Nitroglycerin Transdermal System Zydus Pharmaceuticals (usa) Inc. Transdermal
33. Nitrostat A-S Medication Solutions Sublingual
34. Gonitro Espero Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Sublingual
35. Nitroglycerin Lingual Jacksonville Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Oral
36. Nitrolingual Espero Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Oral
37. Nitroglycerin Lingual Perrigo New York Inc Oral
38. Nitrostat General Injectables & Vaccines, Inc Oral
39. Nitrostat Preferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Sublingual
40. Nitro-Bid E. Fougera & Co., A Division Of Nycomed Us Inc. Topical
41. Nitroglycerin American Regent, Inc. Intravenous
42. Nitroglycerin General Injectables And Vaccines, Inc. Intravenous
43. Nitroglycerin Dr. Reddys Laboratories Inc Sublingual
44. Nitroglycerin Lingual Wilshire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Sublingual
45. Nitromist Akrimax Pharmaceuticals, Llc Sublingual
46. Nitroglycerin Transdermal Delivery System Graceway Pharmaceuticals, Llc Transdermal