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Functions of Fd&c Red No. 40--Aluminum Lake

Dye - Dye


Route Formulation Per Unit Dose
Oral Capsule 0.9MG
Oral Capsule, Delayed Action, Enteric Coated
Oral Capsule, Soft Gelatin 0.5MG
Oral Capsule, Sustained Action 0.05MG
Oral Powder 0.1%
Oral Powder, For Oral Suspension 0.01%
Oral Powder, For Solution
Oral Powder, For Suspension 0.01%
Oral Solution 0.01%
Oral Suspension 0.04%
Oral Tablet 21.25MG
Oral Tablet (immed./comp. Release), Uncoated, Chewable 3.5MG
Oral Tablet, Coated
Oral Tablet, Delayed Action 0.6MG
Oral Tablet, Extended Release 21.25MG
Oral Tablet, Film Coated 2.5MG
Oral Tablet, Sustained Action 0.4MG
Oral Tablet, Sustained Action, Film Coated
Oral-28 Tablet 0.12MG
Sublingual Tablet 0.001MG

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