Molecular Excipient

283.0 5.0 0 2 40.0 16 0.94
Present in 82 ZINC catalogs

Known Active Genes

This compound has been observed to have activity at 10μM or less against the following gene(s).
Name Description Classification
PPARD Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta Unclassified / Unclassified
PPARA Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha Transcription Factor / Nr

Clinical Trials

This compound has not been in (or located in) any clinical trials (per

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Route Formulation Per Unit Dose
Buccal Tablet 4MG
Buccal Tablet, Extended Release 0.58MG
Buccal/sublingual Tablet 17.5MG
Im - Iv Injection 0.13%
Implantation Drug Delivery System 0.02MG
Implantation Implant 0.1MG
Intravitreal Drug Delivery System 0.02MG
Intravitreal Implant 0.005MG
Oral Capsule 256.4MG
Oral Capsule (immed./comp. Release) 2.5MG
Oral Capsule (immed./comp. Release), Hard Gelatin 10MG
Oral Capsule, Coated Pellets 0.15MG
Oral Capsule, Coated, Soft Gelatin 3MG
Oral Capsule, Delayed Action 10.69MG
Oral Capsule, Delayed Action, Enteric Coated
Oral Capsule, Delayed Action, Enteric Coated, Hard Gelatin 6.2MG
Oral Capsule, Enteric Coated Pellets 34.87MG
Oral Capsule, Extended Release 9.16MG
Oral Capsule, Gelatin Coated 1.5MG
Oral Capsule, Hard Gelatin 79.4MG
Oral Capsule, Soft Gelatin 9MG
Oral Capsule, Sustained Action 100MG
Oral Concentrate
Oral Dispersible Tablet 0.32MG
Oral Drops
Oral Granule 4MG
Oral Granule, For Oral Suspension 7MG
Oral Pellet 2.6MG
Oral Powder 0.84%
Oral Powder, For Inhalation 0.01%
Oral Powder, For Oral Suspension 0.3%
Oral Powder, For Suspension 0.65%
Oral Suspension 1.15%
Oral Suspension, Sustained Action 2.7%
Oral Tablet 2MG
Oral Tablet (immed./comp. Release), Coated 6.4MG
Oral Tablet (immed./comp. Release), Film Coated 20.5MG
Oral Tablet (immed./comp. Release), Uncoated, Chewable 50MG
Oral Tablet, Chewable 5.5MG
Oral Tablet, Coated 40MG
Oral Tablet, Controlled Release 12.4MG
Oral Tablet, Delayed Action 14MG
Oral Tablet, Delayed Action, Enteric Coated 53.8MG
Oral Tablet, Delayed Release 2.1MG
Oral Tablet, Delayed Release 5MG
Oral Tablet, Dispersible 4.5MG
Oral Tablet, Enteric Coated Particles 7MG
Oral Tablet, Extended Release 26.66MG
Oral Tablet, Film Coated 28.31MG
Oral Tablet, Film Coated, Extended Release 10.02MG
Oral Tablet, For Suspension 12.5MG
Oral Tablet, Multilayer, Coated 3MG
Oral Tablet, Multilayer, Extended Release 1.2MG
Oral Tablet, Orally Disintegrating 71.43MG
Oral Tablet, Orally Disintegrating, Delayed Release 6MG
Oral Tablet, Repeat Action 1.2MG
Oral Tablet, Sustained Action 150MG
Oral Tablet, Sustained Action, Coated 10MG
Oral Tablet, Sustained Action, Film Coated 15.8MG
Oral Tablet, Sustained Release, Film Coated 4.28MG
Oral Tablet, Uncoated, Lozenge 15MG
Oral Tablet, Uncoated, Troche 20MG
Oral Troche 21MG
Oral Wafer 15MG
Oral-20 Tablet 1.5MG
Oral-21 Tablet 1.5MG
Oral-21 Tablet, Coated 0.88MG
Oral-28 Tablet 75MG
Oral-28 Tablet, Coated 0.88MG
Oral-28 Tablet, Film Coated 0.35MG
Subcutaneous Implant 0.5MG
Sublingual Tablet 6MG
Sublingual Tablet (immed./comp. Release), Uncoated, Buccal 3MG
Topical Emulsion, Cream 0.001%
Transdermal Patch, Electrically Controlled 9.65MG
Transmucosal Tablet 1.5MG
Vaginal Insert 23MG
Vaginal Tablet 23MG
Vaginal Tablet, Film Coated 0.4MG

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