Molecular Excipient

149.0 0.2 2 3 63.0 4 0.8
Present in 94 ZINC catalogs

Known Active Genes

There has not been any activity reported at 10μM or less for this excipient (per ChEBML)

Clinical Trials

This compound has been an intervention in the following clincial trials (per
Code Date Title Phase Status
NCT00032695 Treatment of AIDS Vacuolar Myelopathy With Methionine Phase 3 Completed
NCT02338193 2015-03-01 Dapagliflozin and Metformin,Alone and in Combination, in Overweight/Obese Prior GDM Women Phase 3 Not Yet Recruiting
NCT02344810 2015-01-01 C-Met Inhibitor AMG 337, Oxaliplatin, Leucovorin Calcium, and Fluorouracil in Treating Patients With Advanced Stomach or Esophageal Cancer Phase 1/Phase 2 Not Yet Recruiting
NCT02276274 2014-06-01 Effect of Food on the Pharmacokinetics of Single Oral Dose Administration of a Fixed-Dose Combination of SYR-322 and Metformin Hydrochloride in Healthy Adult Male Subjects Phase 3 Completed
NCT01867502 2014-04-01 Effects of Vildagliptin Versus Glibenclamide on Glycemia After Exercise in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Phase 4 Recruiting
NCT01867593 2014-01-01 MET-PET for Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma Phase 0 Recruiting
NCT01784653 2013-10-01 Trial of Computerized MET for Adolescent Substance Use Phase 1 Not Yet Recruiting
NCT01345474 2013-09-01 Phase 3 Clinical Trial: D-Methionine to Reduce Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) Phase 3 Recruiting
NCT01783002 2013-03-01 11C Methionine PET for the Detection of Hyperfunctional Parathyroid Tissues Phase 2 Not Yet Recruiting
NCT01650181 2011-11-01 Effects of Siliphos-Selenium-Methionine-Alpha Lipoic Acid in Patients With Fatty Liver and Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis Phase 4 Completed
NCT01140646 2010-10-01 Evaluation of SAMe for Hot Flashes Phase 2 Completed
NCT01128244 2010-04-01 Vitamin B6 Effects for Women Taking Birth Control Pills Phase 2/Phase 3 Completed
NCT01057979 2010-01-01 Motivational Interventions for Lifestyle and Exercise in College Students Phase 1 Completed
NCT00722124 2008-09-01 S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (SAMe) for Smoking Abstinence Phase 2/Phase 3 Completed
NCT00948324 2008-06-01 Effect of Intensive Therapy Associated With CSII on β-cell Function With Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes Phase 4 Enrolling By Invitation
NCT00685724 2008-01-01 A Pilot SMART Design for Pathological Gamblers Phase 2 Completed
NCT00513461 2007-10-01 S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine Disulphate P-Toluene-Sulfonate in Preventing Liver Cancer in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C Infection Phase 2 Active, Not Recruiting
NCT00685048 2007-07-01 Brief Therapies for Problem Gambling Substance Abusers Phase 2 Completed
NCT00694564 2007-06-01 Evaluation of S-adenosyl Methionine (SAM-e) for Recurrent Abdominal Pain in Children Phase 1/Phase 2 Completed
NCT00475176 2007-05-01 S-Adenosyl Methionine (SAMe) to Treat Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C Phase 2 Completed
NCT00528710 2006-11-01 Efficacy of S-Adenosylmethionine in Fibromyalgia Phase 2 Completed
NCT01143792 2006-09-01 Evaluation of Treatments for Homeless Youths Phase 2 Completed
NCT00310336 2006-08-01 Chronic Hepatitis C Non-Responder Study With AdoMet and Betaine Phase 2/Phase 3 Completed
NCT00640757 2006-07-01 Methionine-Restriction Diet (MRD) in Obese Adults With Metabolic Syndrome Phase 2 Completed
NCT00125281 2005-07-01 SAMe to Treat Biliary Cirrhosis Symptoms Phase 2 Terminated
NCT00226356 2004-12-01 Natural Supplements for Unipolar Depression Phase 4 Recruiting
NCT00142233 2004-06-01 EUROPAC-2 - Pain Treatment of Hereditary and Idiopathic Pancreatitis Phase 2/Phase 3 Recruiting
NCT00237822 2003-09-01 Increasing Treatment Adherence in Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Drug Use Disorders Phase 2 Recruiting
NCT00183599 1999-04-01 Gambling and Brief Interventions Phase 1 Completed

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Functions of Methionine

Nutr - Nutrient


Route Formulation Per Unit Dose
Intramuscular Solution, Injection 0.07%
Intrathecal Injectable 0.01%
Intravenous Injectable 0.004%
Intravenous Injection 0.3%
Iv(infusion) Injectable 0.15%
Iv(infusion) Injection 49.2%
Iv(infusion) Solution, Injection 0.16%
Oral Tablet
Subcutaneous Injectable 0.15%
Subcutaneous Injection 0.01%
Subcutaneous Powder, For Injection Solution, Lyophilized 0.01%
Subcutaneous Solution, Injection 0.07%
Subcutaneous Suspension, Injection 0.23%

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