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Regulatory Status of Sodium Chloride

Gras - Generally recognized as safe.


Route Formulation Per Unit Dose
Subcutaneous Implant 77MG
An,cnblk Intrathecal Injection 0.8%
An,sympathetic Nblk Injection 0.3%
Auricular (otic) Solution 9%
Auricular (otic) Suspension 0.86%
Auricular (otic) Suspension, Liquid 0.9%
Caudal Block Injection 0.9%
Dental Injectable 0.3%
Dental Injection 0.6%
Epidural Injection 0.86%
Epidural Injection, Suspension, Liposomal
Epidural Solution, Injection 0.9%
Extracorporeal Injection 0.9%
Extracorporeal Solution 0.8%
Im - Iv Injectable 0.9%
Im - Iv Liquid, Water, Sterile, For Injection 0.8%
Im - Iv Powder, For Injection Solution 9%
Im - Iv Powder, For Injection Solution, Lyophilized 18%
Im - Iv Solution 0.9%
Im - Iv Solution, Injection 0.49%
Im - Iv - Sc Solution, Injection
Im - Sc Injection 0.9%
Infiltration Injection 12%
Infiltration Injection, Liposomal 0.54%
Infiltration Solution, Injection 0.85%
Inhalation Inhalant
Inhalation Suspension, For Inhalation 0.85%
Intra-Arterial Injectable 0.49%
Intra-Arterial Injection 4.9%
Intra-Arterial Powder, For Injection Solution 0.14%
Intra-Arterial Solution 0.9%
Intra-Arterial Solution, Injection 0.49%
Intra-Articular Injectable 6.3%
Intra-Articular Injection 0.9%
Intra-Articular Injection, Sustained Action
Intra-Articular Suspension 0.48%
Intrabursal Injection 0.9%
Intracardiac Injection 0.7%
Intracardiac Solution, Injection
Intracaudal Injection 0.86%
Intracavitary Injection 0.82%
Intracavitary Powder, For Injection Solution
Intradermal Injection 0.7%
Intradermal Injection, Sustained Action
Intralesional Injectable 0.66%
Intralesional Injection 0.85%
Intralesional Injection, Sustained Action 0.9%
Intralesional Suspension, Injection 0.22%
Intramuscular Injectable 0.63%W/W
Intramuscular Injection 0.86%
Intramuscular Injection
Intramuscular Injection, Sustained Action 0.9%
Intramuscular Liquid 0.67%
Intramuscular Powder, For Injection Solution 22.6%
Intramuscular Powder, For Injection Solution, Lyophilized, With Additives 0.24%
Intramuscular Solution, Injection 0.9%
Intramuscular Suspension 0.9%
Intramuscular Suspension, Injection 0.87%
Intraocular Solution 0.7%
Intraperitoneal Powder, For Injection Solution 22.6%
Intraperitoneal Solution 0.54%
Intrapleural Powder, For Injection Solution 22.6%
Intrasynovial Injection 0.9%
Intrasynovial Injection, Sustained Action 0.9%
Intrasynovial Suspension, Injection 0.22%
Intrathecal Injectable 0.9%
Intrathecal Injection 4.9%
Intrathecal Injection, Suspension, Liposomal 9%
Intrathecal Powder, For Injection Solution 0.14%
Intrathecal Solution, Injection 0.49%
Intratracheal Injection 1.2%
Intratracheal Powder, For Suspension 4.68%
Intratracheal Suspension 0.76%
Intratracheal Suspension, Injection
Intratumor Injectable
Intratumor Injection 1.2%
Intratumor Powder, For Injection Solution
Intravascular Injection 0.19%
Intravascular Solution
Intravenous Injectable 0.9%
Intravenous Injectable 90%
Intravenous Injection 0.9%
Intravenous Injection
Intravenous Liquid 0.67%
Intravenous Liquid, Water, Sterile, For Injection 0.9%
Intravenous Powder, For Injection Solution 48.7%
Intravenous Powder, For Injection Solution, Lyophilized 45%
Intravenous Powder, For Injection Solution, Lyophilized, With Additives 3.15%
Intravenous Solution 0.9%
Intravenous Solution, Injection
Intravenous Solution, Injection 0.9%W/V
Intravenous Solution, Injection 0.9%
Intravenous Bolus Injectable 0.9%
Intravenous Bolus Solution, Injection 0.9%
Intravesical Solution, Injection 35.1%
Intravitreal Injectable 10%
Intravitreal Injection 0.77%
Intravitreal Suspension, Injection 0.55%
Iontophoresis Drug Delivery System 0.6MG
Iontophoresis Patch, Controlled Release 3.1MG
Iontophoresis Solution 0.6%
Iv - Sc Injection 9%W/V
Iv - Sc Liquid 0.7%
Iv - Sc Powder, For Injection Solution 0.68%
Iv - Sc Solution, Injection 0.9%
Iv(infusion) Injectable 0.85%
Iv(infusion) Injection 0.59%
Iv(infusion) Injection 45%
Iv(infusion) Powder, For Injection Solution 45%
Iv(infusion) Powder, For Injection Solution, Lyophilized
Iv(infusion) Powder, For Injection Solution, Lyophilized, With Additives 3.15%
Iv(infusion) Solution, Injection 0.9%
Iv(infusion) Suspension, Injection 0.9%
Nasal Solution 0.9%
Nasal Solution, For Inhalation 1.13%
Nasal Spray 0.7%
Nasal Spray, Metered 1.9%
Nerve Block Solution, Injection 0.9%
Ophthalmic Drops 0.65%
Ophthalmic Gel 0.9%
Ophthalmic Powder, For Solution 0.9%
Ophthalmic Powder, For Suspension
Ophthalmic Solution 0.81%
Ophthalmic Solution 0.4%W/W
Ophthalmic Solution 0.7%
Ophthalmic Solution, Drops 0.9%
Ophthalmic Solution/drops 0.41%
Ophthalmic Suspension 0.85%
Ophthalmic Suspension, Drops 0.68%
Oral Capsule 6MG
Oral Capsule
Oral Capsule, Extended Release 20.72MG
Oral Drops
Oral Granule, For Suspension 13.5MG
Oral Powder, For Oral Solution 33.69MG
Oral Powder, For Oral Suspension 0.1%
Oral Powder, For Solution
Oral Powder, For Suspension 0.25%
Oral Solution
Oral Solution 3%
Oral Solution, Elixir 0.04%
Oral Solution, For Inhalation 2.7%
Oral Solution, Syrup 0.04%
Oral Suspension 2%
Oral Suspension, For Inhalation 0.85%
Oral Syrup 0.3%
Oral Tablet 148MG
Oral Tablet (immed./comp. Release), Uncoated, Chewable 7.5MG
Oral Tablet, Controlled Release 25.5MG
Oral Tablet, Controlled Release 36MG
Oral Tablet, Delayed Action 24MG
Oral Tablet, Extended Release 335.1MG
Oral Tablet, Orally Disintegrating 2.5MG
Oral Tablet, Orally Disintegrating 10MG
Oral Tablet, Sustained Action 143.26MG
Oral Tablet, Sustained Action, Coated 46.8MG
Parenteral Injection 0.86%
Parenteral Injection 24%
Peridural Injection 0.81%
Perineural Injection 0.7%
Photopheresis Solution 0.8%
Rectal Enema 1.35GM
Rectal Solution
Rectal Suppository 52.5MG
Respiratory (inhalation) Inhalant 0.86%
Respiratory (inhalation) Solution 2.7%
Respiratory (inhalation) Solution, Aerosol, For Inhalation 0.23%
Respiratory (inhalation) Solution, For Inhalation 1.89%
Respiratory (inhalation) Solution, For Inhalation 2.7%
Retrobulbar Injection 0.86%
Route Not Given Dosage Form Not Given
See Dosage Form Injection 0.9%
Soft Tissue Injectable 0.66%
Soft Tissue Injection 0.85%
Soft Tissue Injection, Sustained Action 0.9%
Soft Tissue Suspension, Injection 0.22%
Subarachnoid Solution, Injection 0.9%
Subcutaneous Injectable 0.85%
Subcutaneous Injection 0.44%
Subcutaneous Liquid 0.15%
Subcutaneous Solution 0.7%
Subcutaneous Solution, Injection 2.25%
Subcutaneous Suspension, Injection 1.23%
Submucosal Solution, Injection 16%
Topical Emulsion, Cream
Topical Gel 0.18%
Topical Jelly
Topical Lotion 0.3%
Topical Ointment
Topical Patch, Controlled Release 3.1MG
Topical Shampoo 2.25%
Topical Solution 0.7%W/V
Topical Solution 0.9%W/V
Topical Solution, Drops 0.86%W/V
Topical Suspension 0.53%
Transdermal Drug Delivery System 0.6MG

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