Molecular Excipient

266.0 3.7 1 3 64.0 12 1.0
Present in 57 ZINC catalogs

Known Active Genes

There has not been any activity reported at 10μM or less for this excipient (per ChEBML)

Clinical Trials

This compound has been an intervention in the following clincial trials (per
Code Date Title Phase Status
NCT02227069 2014-09-01 Skin Safety Study to Evaluate the Irritation Potential in Healthy Volunteers Phase 1 Active, Not Recruiting
NCT02256930 2014-09-01 Skin Safety Study to Evaluate the Sensitizing Potential in Healthy Volunteers Phase 1 Active, Not Recruiting
NCT02198963 2014-07-01 21 Day Cumulative Skin Irritation of RUT058-60 Phase 1 Completed
NCT02160574 2014-06-01 Safety Study to Evaluate the Cumulative Irritation Potential of Topically Applied ZuraPrep™ and ZuraPrep™ Without IPA Phase 1 Completed
NCT02169154 2014-06-01 A Safety Study to Investigate the Skin Irritancy Potential of Diclofenac-Menthol Gel Phase 1 Completed
NCT02168478 2014-06-01 Neo-Synalar Modified 48 Hour Patch Test Phase 4 Completed
NCT02117752 2014-04-01 Dermal Tolerability of Dapsone Gel in Healthy Volunteers Phase 1 Completed
NCT02062073 2014-01-01 Dermal Safety Study to Evaluate the Sensitizing Potential of Abametapir Lotion Phase 1 Completed
NCT02061813 2014-01-01 Dermal Safety Study to Evaluate Potential Irritation of Abametapir Lotion Phase 1 Completed
NCT01816529 2013-03-01 Topical Safety Study of Topical Diltiazem Hydrochloride Phase 1 Active, Not Recruiting
NCT01821274 2013-03-01 A 21-Day Topical Safety Study of Diltiazem Hydrochloride Using a Cumulative Irritant Patch Test Design Phase 1 Active, Not Recruiting
NCT01771822 2013-01-01 Ibuprofen 5% Topical Gel CIPT Phase 1 Completed
NCT01787448 2013-01-01 RIPT of Ibuprofen Topical Gel Phase 1 Completed
NCT01430312 2011-09-01 21 Day Irritancy Test of Azelaic Acid Pre-foam Formulation Phase 1 Completed
NCT00781664 2008-10-01 Cumulative Irritation Test Phase 1 Completed
NCT00680095 2007-01-01 Cumulative Irritation Test Phase 1 Completed
NCT02259868 2005-06-01 Study of New Tablet Formulations and Suspension Formulation Compared to Current (1B) Formulation of BILR 355 BS in Healthy Male Volunteer Subjects Phase 1 Completed

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Products Using Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate

Brand (Manufacturer) Generic Name (Route)
Pert Plus 2 In 1 Shampoo And Conditioner Anti-Dandruff (Idelle Labs, Ltd) Pyrithione Zinc (TOPICAL)
Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Washkitchen Crisp Limkitchen Crisp Lim Kitchen Crisp Lime (The Dial Corporation) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Silk Antibacterial Foaming Hand Original (Blue Cross Laboratories, Inc.) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Highmark Professional Premium Foam Antibacterial Handwash (Office Max, Inc.) Chloroxylenol (TOPICAL)
Personal Care Antibacterial Hand (Personal Care Products, LLC) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Harris Teeter Foaming (Harris Teeter) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Hand Essentials Antibacterial (HU-FRIEDY MFG. CO., INC.) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Tork Liquid Antibacterial (SCA Tissue North America) Chloroxylenol (TOPICAL)
Narasoo Healing (RAKU STORY Co., Ltd) Salicylic Acid (TOPICAL)
Satinique Dandruff Control Hair Cleanser (Access Business Group, LLC) Pyrithione Zinc (TOPICAL)
Equaline (SUPERVALU INC.) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Lethechniq Dandruff Moisturizing (HY-VEE, Inc) Selenium Sulfide (TOPICAL)
Topcare Gentle Dandruff Clinical Strength (TOPCO ASSOCIATES LLC) Selenium Sulfide (TOPICAL)
Moreturn Hair (Moreand Co., Ltd.) Panthenol, Biotin (TOPICAL)
Dht X Hairloss (IDOOGEN CO., LTD.) Niacinamide (TOPICAL)
Equaline Medicated Dandruff (SUPERVALU INC.) Selenium Sulfide (TOPICAL)
Soothe And Cool Fresh Dandruff Control Shampoo (Medline Industries, Inc.) Pyrithione Zinc (TOPICAL)
Clearasil Daily Clear Oil-Free Daily Wash (Reckitt Benckiser LLC) Salicylic Acid (TOPICAL)
Enmotion High Frequency Antimicrobial Foam Handwash (Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Antibacterial Foaming Refill (DZA BRANDS LLC) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Dr.zumi Scalp (Dr. Forhair) Pyrithione Zinc (TOPICAL)
Highmark Professional Antibacterial Foam Handwash (Office Max, Inc.) Chloroxylenol (TOPICAL)
Topcare Mandarin (TOPCO ASSOCIATES LLC) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Antibacterial Foaming (H E B) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Clearasil Ultra Acne Clearing Gel Wash (Reckitt Benckiser, Inc.) Salicylic Acid (TOPICAL)
Easter Scalp (WECOSMETICS Co.) Pyrithione Zinc (TOPICAL)
First Mark Antibacterial Hand Wash (Performance Food Group) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Antibacterial Foaming Complete (TOPCO ASSOCIATES LLC) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Equaline Clinical Strength (SUPERVALU INC.) Selenium Sulfide (TOPICAL)
Hill Country Essentials Antibacterial Foaming (HEB) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Zep Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Cleaner (Zep Inc.) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Antibacterial Foaming (H E B) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Harris Teeter Antibacterial (HARRIS TEETER) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Equate Antibacterial Foaming (WAL-MART STORES INC) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Antimicrobial Face Body Wash (Bio-Medical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporation) Benzethonium Chloride Liquid (TOPICAL)
Source Antibacterial Foaming Hand Original (Aldi Inc.) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Medicated Fade Creme With Sunscreen (Bluefield Associates, Inc.) Hydroquinone And Octinoxate (TOPICAL)
Aromafields Tiger Lily Scented Antibacterial Hand Wash (Enchante Accessories) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Antibacterial Foaming (HARRIS TEETER) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Antibacterial Foaming (MEIJER DISTRIBUTION INC) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Germstarantibacterialsoap (Soaptronic, LLC) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Aveeno Active Naturals Nourish Plus Dandruff Control Anti Dandruff (Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company, Division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.) Pyrithione Zinc (TOPICAL)
Wyandotte Sanifect Foam-E Ii (Alex C. Fergusson, Inc.) Chloroxylenol (TOPICAL)
Haircop Hairdanbi Natural (The Nature Co., Ltd.) Panthenol, Salicylic Acid (TOPICAL)
Soft Care Neutra Germ Fragrance Free Antibacterial (Diversey, Inc.) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Blemish (AMI Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.) Allantoin (TOPICAL)
Antibacterial Foaming (CVS PHARMACY) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Soft Care Antiseptic Skin Cleanser Ii (Diversey, Inc.) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Luxury (Tomco-Harwel Industries Inc) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Therapytion Nokmosu Sensitive And Dry Hair (Therapytion Co., Ltd.) Zinc Pyrithione, Panthenol, Niacinamide, Biotin (TOPICAL)
Leudine Anti-Dandruff (B&R Products Inc) Pyrithione Zinc (TOPICAL)
Aromafields Jasmine Scented Antibacterial Hand Wash (Enchante Accessories) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Aromafields Plumeria Scented Antibacterial Hand Wash (Enchante Accessories) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Lornamead Yardley (Lornamead) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Lancell Hair Loss Prevention Hair Grower Clean Formula (MICELLBio Co., Ltd) Panthenol (TOPICAL)
Stridex Conditioning Acne Scrub (Blistex Inc) Salicylic Acid (TOPICAL)
Zep Mango Foaming (Zep Inc.) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Antibacterial Fresh Pear (TOPCO ASSOCIATES LLC) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash With Lotion Fresh Pear With Lotion (The Dial Corporation) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Fruitopia (CVS PHARMACY) Pyrithione Zinc (TOPICAL)
Equate Critical Strength (WAL-MART STORES INC.) Selenium Sulfide (TOPICAL)
Antibacterial Hand Cleanse (Volume Distributors, Inc.) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Shinmo Saengbaleum Hair (ATEC&CO INC.) Panthenol (TOPICAL)
Antibacterial Foaming (WEGMANS FOOD MARKETS INC) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Antibacterial Foaming (AMERICAN SALES COMPANY) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Antibacterial Foaming Refill (KMART CORPORATION) Triclosan (TOPICAL)
Hair Green Mugungseang (HAIRGREEN) Dimethicone (TOPICAL)


Route Formulation Per Unit Dose
Topical Aerosol
Topical Emulsion 39.75%

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